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Will the decals come off?

We use a specially made permanent vinyl with an added adhesive chemical that is not for sale to the general public. This is the strongest vinyl on the market, much stronger than anything soldcommercially for casual crafters. Additionally, we use our signature heat sealing process that we have perfected to ensure a forever bond between the bead and your decal. We still advise you to keep all decal beads away from liquids, and to send a "care card" with any jewelry you sell.

What are your United States shipping prices?

Shipping is flat rate, $4.90 on all orders for standard shipping or $8.40 for priority shipping.

What are your international shipping prices?

Canada & Mexico: $20 on orders up to $150, $35 on orders up to $300, $75 on orders up to $1000.

Everywhere else: $30 on orders up to $150, $50 on orders up to $300, $100 on orders up to $1000. 

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, we are happy to. Our whole prices are as follows:

Plain Beads (no embellishments)
250+ beads (2% savings)
500+ beads (5% savings)
Logo Beads (States, symbols, logos, etc)
150+ beads (2% savings)
250+ beads (3% savings)
400+ beads (5% savings)
How long until I receive my order?
Orders take 3-5 days to create and assemble. Standard shipping can take 3-10 days, priority shipping takes 2-5 days.